Thomas Scheiblhofer - Original Beans

Thomas Scheiblhofer

“Original Beans displays such a variety in its aromas that you as a patissier are very inspired and challenged in your creativity”.


Thomas Scheiblhofer, Chef Pâtissier in the TIAN Restaurant Vienna for the past eight years, is only too familiar with veganism. The purely vegetarian restaurant always offers at least one vegan option. The whole team, above all the Pâtisserie, pays special attention to the origin and the processing of all ingredients. It is therefore not surprising that Scheiblhofer only works with Original Beans chocolate. His desserts are created in the classic patisserie style, but always with modern approach or interpretation.


“In this dish, we were inspired by the wild harvest of cocoa. In late autumn one finds only very few things still in a field: herbs, the last roots and of course the earth itself. Under the ground, however, there is still a lot to harvest. Our Wild Harvest is a representation of an almost harvested field”.

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Thomas' career

Thomas’ career began in Upper Austria, where he was trained as a confectioner at the Linz confectionery Jindrak. He then spent a few years in various restaurants, hotels and cruise ships around the world. His patisserie and style were influenced by all these different kitchens, but traditional pastries remain a matter close to his heart.

Thomas was voted Patissier of the Year by Gault Millau Austria in 2016. In 2016/2017, the renowned trade magazine ‘Rolling Pin’ honoured him twice with the Pâtissier of the Year. The TIAN Restaurant Vienna has held a Michelin star since 2014.

Awards & Certifications

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