Summer's Perfect Treat

Made with

Original Beans

Ice Cream

As summer is finally here, there's nothing quite like pampering yourself with a delicious and refreshing treat. While hot days might not always seem like the best time for chocolate, Original Beans makes it the perfect season with our partners' incredible chocolate ice cream creations. If you're craving a high-quality, sustainably produced ice cream, look no further. Meet four of our partners (there are so many more who create cooling treats all year long) who transform Original Beans chocolate into MUST TRY summer ice cream which will turn your taste buds upside down while doing the right thing for our planet.

Honest Ice Cream with Real Impact

The Nice Company
The Nice Company, founded in 2013 by Nina Kamp, began with the simple idea of making pure, homemade ice cream for her children. Unsatisfied with store-bought options, Nina decided to change the ice cream industry with her delicious, unprocessed popsicles. Nice uses 100% organic fruits and dairy from local growers, avoiding purees, concentrates, and additives. Their popsicles, available across several European countries, are known for their real flavour and positive impact on the environment. By prioritising transparency and sustainability, The Nice Company offers a refreshing treat that’s good for both people and the planet.

A Passion for Pure Flavour

Creme Eis
Creme Eis was born from Kaspar's childhood passion for ice cream, which he nurtured as a chef and pastry chef around the world. In 2015, Kaspar returned to his hometown of Wuppertal to bring his ice cream dreams to life. Creme Eis offers a rich, creamy experience, blending traditional methods with high-quality ingredients. Located in Wuppertal's Platz der Republik, Toelleturm, and Luisenviertel, their ice cream stands out for its dedication to flavour and craftsmanship. Each scoop reflects Kaspar's global experiences and local pride, making Creme Eis a beloved spot for ice cream enthusiasts.

Artisanal Gelato Revolution

Miuz revolutionizes gelato in Amsterdam by blending traditional Italian methods with sustainability. Founded by gelato enthusiasts from Torino, Miuz crafts artisanal gelato daily using fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients. They support local suppliers and pay fair prices to minimise environmental impact. Their stores at Overtoom 117 and the new location at De Pijp, Ferdinand Bolstraat 4, offer a year-round experience of Italian craftsmanship and sustainable practices, featuring Original Beans chocolate.

Ice Cream with Integrity

Die Eisheiligen
Die Eisheiligen stand for premium ice cream free from artificial additives. They believe ice cream embodies joy, offering a brief escape from daily life to enjoy quality time with loved ones. Die Eisheiligen is part of a movement advocating for responsible consumption and high-quality, minimally processed foods. Their ice cream, made with Original Beans chocolate, reflects this philosophy. It represents a blend of indulgence and mindfulness, ensuring every bite is both delicious and ethically sound. For Die Eisheiligen, making ice cream is not just a business, but a celebration of life and sustainability.