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Chocolate from the world’s
first women cacao cooperative
against all odds

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Fruits of Piura

Two rare chocolates from Peru's Piura region deliver richly different tastes

As diverse in flavours as Peru’s butterfly collection, our bright Piura Porcelana 75% and exotic Piura Malingas 75% are a study in how two cacaos grown in the same place deliver richly different, pure tastes.

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"Ethical, life changing, delicious chocolate"

Terri Mercieca, Fraise Sauvage, London, UK

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Preserve the Rare

According to the world’s first and only Chocolate Foodprint, in 2018 Original Beans customers, partners and farmers together

  • protected wild forests the size of 24,300 football fields,
  • drew down 8000 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere, 
  • preserved 6 heirloom cacao varietals,
  • in 8 biodiversity hotposts,
  • and offered more secure livelihoods to more than 5200 farming families,
  • by paying 210% more than the Fairtrade price of cacao!


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Together, Original Beans customers and farmers have grown over


trees to date. #OneBarOneTree

Tree Tracker

One Bar : One Tree

When you break off a piece of Original Beans chocolate, not only are you moments away from enjoying the rarest cacao beans in their purest form — you are breaking ground for a tree. Enter the code from your bar here to see it grow.

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Preferred by the world’s best chefs, patissiers and hotels

In our ongoing mission to make the world better with better chocolate we are honoured to be the chocolate of choice for the world’s best chefs, patissiers, hotels and hobby cooks. Everyone around our Chefs’ table shares the love of cacao and chocolate as wholesome foods and fascinating ingredients; and cares to give back to the earth what we consume.


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