Inspiring Stories

from Women in the

Cacao Industry

Join the cacao revolution led by women!

On this International Women's Day, we're thrilled to spotlight the empowering stories of women shaping the cacao farming and chocolate-making industries. From cultivating cacao in the fields to crafting delicious chocolate masterpieces  in the kitchen, these women are not only producing tasty treats but also empowering themselves and their communities along the way.

Agronomist & Chocolate Maker 

Rosaura Laura

Originating from Peru, Rosaura Laura is not just a passionate agronomist and chocolate maker but also a driving force for empowerment and innovation. With her dedication to Original Beans, Rosaura's journey embodies an impressive commitment to promoting agrobiodiversity and sustainable rural development. Raised in a family of smallholder cacao farmers, she brings a deep-rooted appreciation for regenerative farming practices to her work. Rosaura's continued dedication has not only transformed her own life but has also uplifted her community and stands as a testament to the boundless potential of (female) individuals to effect positive change.

Chocolatier at Forsthofgut Hotel

Birgit Tüchi

Birgit brings her passion for pastry to life with every chocolate creation. From completing her pastry apprenticeship in Styria at the age of 28 to mastering the art of chocolate, Birgit's journey is a testament to willpower and creativity. Her innovative flavour combinations and commitment to quality highlight the essential role of women in the culinary world.
In the patisserie of Forsthofgut Hotel, Birgit exclusively uses Original Beans chocolate. Her dedication and talent make each chocolate creation a true masterpiece, underlining the timeless allure of Forsthofgut Hotel.

Original beans' cacao grower

ldedonde Changavo Kavugho

Living near Virunga National Park, Aldedonde Changavo Kavugho is a remarkable figure. As one of Original Beans' cacao growers, her journey reflects significant strength and empowerment. Through her involvement in the Femmes de Virunga project, Aldedonde has not only transformed her own life but has also emerged as a leader in her community. Her story reflects the strength and unity of women, inspiring empowerment and solidarity for women in the cacao industry every day of the year.

Patissière at Hotel 'Der Berghof'

Barbara Koch

Barbara Koch's journey from Bad Kissingen to Lech am Arlberg showcases her strength and resilience. The 29-year-old pastry chef holds a master's degree in pastry arts, and her commitment to her craft is truly inspiring. Her love for adventure, nature, and sports shines through in her creative culinary creations, reflecting her vibrant personality and zest for life. Since 2022, Barbara has been sharing her talents as a patissière at Hotel 'Der Berghof', where she never fails to leave a tasteful and lasting impression.
Flavours of roasted nuts and cappuccino in this chocolate from rare Amelonado cacao inspires like the strong women lifting up lives around Virunga Park.

On the ground in Congo since 2008, we have witnessed strong women - or “Femmes” - restoring their communities from the rubbles of war. Your purchase of the strong Femmes 55% empowers these female leaders for peace.

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