Basil Praline

By Daniel Budde from Candide

A dream of a chocolate! The mixture of Beni Wild 66% and basil will sweep you away and guarantees an absolute explosion of your tastebuds. Exactly what Candide Chocolate stands for - craftsmanship with perfect point of taste with every praline and chocolate.
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    30 minutes

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Beni Wild 66%


Basil Pralines
  1. Extract the basil juice.
  2. Bring cream with invert sugar to the boil, add to that 360g Original Beans Beni Wild 66% and mix.
  3. Add basil juice and mix.
  4. Add butter with a blender.
  5. Allow to crystallise in a suitable form for one day at 12°C.
  6. Cut into the desired shape.
  7. Temper 500g Original Beans Beni Wild 66% and coat the sliced chocolates. 
  1. Garnish with liquorice powder.

Chef Daniel Budde

"I use Original Beans firstly, because it tastes great! Secondly, because the product consistently gives perfect results and thirdly, because it does give back to our planet"

In January 2017, O'Connor and Budde founded Candide. They take its inspiration and name from Voltaire's hero, Candide. O'Connor and Budde want to demonstrate that just like Voltaire's Candide - they use the art of self criticism to improve on their technique and methods of production. As in the classic novel - those who adhere to this method usually become better at what they do. O'Connor and Budde believe that in order to achieve outstanding craftsmanship and produce you have to marry these two worlds. This is how Candide chocolates are made.