Crème Brûlée with Ghana Mango and Orange-Olive Sorbet

By Nelson Müller

The crème brûlée is a traditional French dessert. This African infused Dessert by Nelson Müller is an absolute blast of flavour and a unique variation of the classic we all love. 
  • Prep Time:

    120 minutes

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Bavarian Crème with 
Passion Fruit
  • 6 Egg yolks
  • 120g Sugar
  • 125g Milk
  • 265g Passion Fruit pulp
  • 7 sheets of Gelatine
  • 300g whipped Cream
Passion-Fruit Mango Sorbet
  • 400g Sugar syrup
  • 50g Gelatin
  • 300g Passion Fruit puree
  • 200g Mango puree
Chocolate Sponge
  • 1 Egg
  • 125g Milk
  • 75g Flour
  • 50g Sugar
  • 12g Cacao
  • 1 teaspoon Baking powder
  • Salt
Mango Gel
  • 500g Mango puree
  • 7g Agar agar
Mango Soup
  • 250g Mango puree
  • 50ml Coconut milk
  • 1 lime, juice & zest
Mango Pineapple Chutney
  • 1 ripe Mango
  • 1 Pineapple
  • 200 grams of Sugar
  • 150-200ml Pineapple juice
  • 1 tbsp Cornstarch
Orange-Olive Sorbet
  • 600ml freshly squeezed (Blood) Orange juice (if not in season use ordinary oranges)
  • 50ml mild Olive oil
  • 1 fresh Mango 
  • Garnish of your choice e.g. Vene Cress/Atsina Cress

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  1. Boil the water, cream, fleur de sel and glucose with the agar-agar.
  2. Remove from the heat, stir in the soaked gelatine, then pour the hot liquid over the chocolate.
  3. Stir well so that everything dissolves. Then pour the mass onto a tray lined with cling film (approx. 1 cm high).

Bavarian Crème with 
Passion Fruit
  1. Mix together the egg yolk and sugar. Boil the milk with the passion fruit pulp, slowly stir into the egg yolk and sugar mixture (be careful not to let the egg yolk set!).
  2. Pour the mixture into a rose in a bowl over a water bath.
  3. Remove from the water bath and stir in the soaked gelatine.
  4. Allow the mixture to cool and then fold in the whipped cream. Pour everything onto the hardened ganache base. Refrigerate. Then cut out into the desired shape.

Passion-Fruit Mango Sorbet
Heat the sugar syrup with the glucose. Add both fruit purees, stir well and then add to ice cream maker.

Chocolate Sponge
  1. Mix all the ingredients together and pour into an espuma bottle.
  2. Use 2-3 ISI capsules and then pour the mixture into small greased plastic cups.
  3. Bake in the microwave for approx. 1 minute and allow to cool. Pluck and dry the pieces in the dehydrator.

Mango Gel
  1. Boil the puree with the agar-agar. Pour onto a sheet. Chill until firm. Then mix at 50°C until the mass is finely pureed.

Mango Soup
  1. Mix the puree with the coconut milk and season with the lime juice and zest.

Mango Pineapple Chutney
  1. Peel the mango, first remove the flesh from the stone and then cut into small cubes.
  2. Peel the pineapple and cut into cubes. Put the sugar in a saucepan and let it caramelize.
  3. Deglaze with pineapple juice and thicken lightly with starch.
  4. Simmer briefly and add the chopped fruit cubes. Let it simmer again and let it cool.

Orange-Olive Sorbet
  1. Add the (blood) orange juice in ice cream machine and stir until it is just before freezing.
  2. Then slowly add the olive oil and freeze again if necessary until the ice cream has a creamy consistency.

  1. Peel the mango and cut the flesh into thin slices. Sprinkle with some chilli.
  2. Arrange the crème brûlée with 1 nock of ice cream and a few mango slices and serve with garnish of your choice.

Chef Nelson Müller 

"I am very proud to support Original Beans’ ethos, which respects and protects the land and the local workers. "
With his business 'Food & Flavour', Nelson Müller runs food events, cooking courses and catering services in his cooking school and throughout Germany. In his Essen restaurant 'Schote', Nelson Müller offers his guests first class gourmet cuisine. In 2011 he received his first Michelin star.
In addition, Nelson Müller's brasserie, 'MÜLLERS auf der RÜ' serves regional bistro cuisine made with incredible flair. Since 2019, both restaurants are located in the newly designed premises in Rüttenscheid, the gastronomic heart of Essen.