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The Essence of "Made with Original Beans"
In the world of chocolate, there exists a hidden story, one of remote rainforests, rare cacao beans, and the relentless pursuit of regeneration. This story is written by Original Beans, a pioneer in the craft chocolate movement, and it's a narrative that transcends the boundaries of luxury and sustainability. It's a story that can be summarized in three simple words: Craft Cacao Standard. This is what you can rely on when you see the label of ‘Made with Original Beans’.
What is the Craft Cacao Standard?
The Craft Cacao Standard is not just a certification; it's a commitment to a different way of approaching chocolate. While many standards are born on paper and later attempt to shape reality, the Craft Cacao Standard springs from the real world experience of Original Beans. It's a set of guidelines developed from over a decade of practical knowledge, and it's open for anyone to emulate and improve upon.

It is built upon six core principles, each of them integral to the best of craft chocolate. These principles, ( 1) Rare, pure, and wholesome; (2) Highest quality, (3) Fair+; (4) Nature conservation;  (5) Climate+; (6) Traceability & Transparency, form a cohesive system that underlines the commitment to ethical and sustainable chocolate-making.
1. Rare, Pure & Wholesome

Craft Cacao products are sourced from rare cacaos, such as wild, native, and heritage cacaos. The focus is on preserving these rare cacaos, selecting old-grown cacao varieties free of modern hybrid genetics, and avoiding fumigation. The cacao is naturally fermented and sun-dried, following organic agriculture principles, which not only enhances the flavour but also contributes to the health of the environment.
2. Highest Quality

Quality assurance is paramount. Craft Cacao undergoes rigorous testing for purity and flavour at multiple stages. This includes the analysis of pesticides and cadmium levels both before shipment and upon arrival at the destination warehouse, flavour evaluation by trained experts, and meticulous checks on humidity, bean count, and microbiological parameters, all in adherence to industry regulations. The selection process is equally meticulous, with a focus on fully ripe pods free from insect infestation. Their central processing aims for quality and consistency, though remote locations may necessitate intense post-harvest training for farmers.
3. Fair+

The beans are sourced directly from smallholder farmers in long-term partnerships that guarantee a stable living income, thus ensuring a fair and sustainable trade. Our growers receive stable living incomes, exceeding public benchmarks, while eradicating child labor and supporting income diversification.
4. Nature Conservation

Craft Cacao is deeply committed to preserving biodiversity, habitat, and ecosystems. It hails from areas critical to preserving genetic and ecological diversity, actively participating in habitat preservation, and ensuring zero deforestation. The focus is on conservation and restoration through reforestation, with particular attention to the wellbeing of the local wildlife and indigenous forests.
5. Climate+

Craft Cacao goes beyond carbon neutrality; it aims to be climate positive or carbon negative. It achieves this through sustainable agroforestry practices, avoiding chemicals that harm the environment, and reforestation initiatives. This approach not only minimizes the carbon footprint but also actively sequesters carbon, making it a net benefit to the climate.
6. Traceability & Transparency

Craft Cacao is all about transparency. Each batch can be traced back to the grower and the specific cacao varietal. It encourages organic certification and aims to provide GPS mapping of farms, GHG assessments, and clear KPIs & targets. The emphasis is on openness and a commitment to monitor and improve continuously.

Craft Cacao

A Chocolate Revolution
Craft Cacao represents more than just a standard; it's a chocolate revolution. It's a commitment to a regenerative world, where every chocolate bar tells a story of rare cacaos, ethical trade, and environmental stewardship. When you choose a product labeled "Made with Original Beans," you're not just indulging in delicious chocolate; you're contributing to a movement that strives to regenerate what it consumes. It's a narrative that transcends luxury and embraces the urgent need for a more sustainable and transparent world of chocolate. So, the next time you savour a piece of chocolate, know that you're part of a story that's changing the world, one Craft Cacao bar at a time.

Join the Craft Cacao movement, and let's see it grow in action.

Philipp Kauffmann
Founder & Chief Grower, Original Beans