Unwrap the flavours of Christmas

Made with Original Beans - Crafted by Makers

At Original Beans, we're really proud to team up with fantastic partners and makers who turn our amazing chocolate into unique advent calendars. These talented creators put their heart into each piece, showing off not just tasty flavours, but also the sustainable and fair values behind our chocolate. Get ready to dive into the festive spirit with these carefully crafted treasures.

Advent Islands Sustainable Calendar

Bean and Goose
Bean and Goose's Advent Islands pay homage to the wild cliffs and islands of Ireland. These handcrafted, 10g bite-sized chocolate pieces tell the stories of the Irish islands in flavor and form. With a focus on sustainability, these Islands can be enjoyed year after year in a reusable Advent calendar. The selection of flavors, including the popular Smoky Milk and vegan Umami Seaweed Dark, provides a daily dose of joy during the Advent season.

Premium Advent Calendar

Kevin Kugel 
Kevin Kugel Chocolatier's Premium Advent Calendar is a delight for all the senses. Behind each door, you'll find handcrafted masterpieces made with Original Beans. The exclusive UNIKAT squares, available only in the Advent calendar, highlight the pure and natural cacao taste of the origin countries. The calendar, alcohol-free and mostly gluten-free, is not only a delicious gift idea but also comes with a reusable packaging, ensuring joy beyond Christmas.

Praline Advent Calendar

Böckeler brings traditional and artisanal Christmas items to life each year with a dash of contemporary flair. The Praline Advent Calendar offers 24 fine Böckeler praline and truffle creations, handcrafted with passion.  The motifs on the front and back of the little house, designed by CRAZY BLACKFOREST ARTS artist Bernhard Hauns, make it an exclusive gift from their region.