Unwrap the flavours of Christmas

Preserve the magic of real Chocolate

Explore the magical world of Christmas with our carefully crafted and elegant hamper boxes and exclusive bundles. Immerse yourself in regenerative chocolate craftsmanship to make this season extra tasty. A beautifully presented gift which is not just chocolate; it's an experience.

Personalise Your Chocolate Wonderland

Mix & Match Marvel
This bundle lets you create your very own chocolate wonderland. Choose from 10, 15, or 20 bars, mixing and matching to your heart's content. And the best gift of all? Enjoy a special discount, the perfect present to put under your Christmas tree.

Taste the Best of Both Worlds

Original Beans
& Ocelot Duo
Featuring eight Original Beans bars and five Ocelot bars, uniquely wrapped for an unforgettable Christmas treat

Christmas with a Plant-Based Twist

Vegan Delights
This Vegan Box includes all of Original Beans vegan chocolate bars, a display set of mini bars and a package of cacao nibs, making your Christmas celebrations plant-based and delicious.


Each bundle you order comes with a special limited-edition hamper box. This beautifully presented gift is not just chocolate; it's an experience. Delivered in an elegant box, it's ready to be placed under your Christmas tree.