March 21st

Register for the Chocolate Foodprint 2023 webinar.

Join us on March 21st for an engaging webinar where we'll uncover the secrets behind Original Beans' Chocolate Foodprint 2023. Gain valuable insights into our data collection methods and collaborative efforts aimed at driving positive change within the chocolate industry. Delve into the intricate journey of cacao beans as we discuss taste formation, the role of genetics, and the environmental influences shaping their growth. This enlightening session will be conducted in two languages: English at 7 PM CEST and German at 5 PM CEST. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn about sustainable chocolate production practices. Reserve your spot now!

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Webinar Hosts

Jan Schubert

Original Beans Conservation Cacao Leader

Philipp Kauffmann

Original Beans

The Chocolate Foodprint

Inspiring Impact

Each year, we witness the transformative influence of cacao forest preservation, a climate-friendly supply chain, fair compensation, and empowerment of indigenous communities. Together with our community of customers, partners, and cacao growers, we drive these initiatives forward.

Foodprint 2023 is our continuing testament to this.
In our wake we aim to leave light footprints, happy people, and growing forests.