100% regenerative

Flavour First

Like coffee beans and spoiled children, cacao is a product
of its environment. When grown, harvested and fermented
with craft and care, its flavours reveal the delicious secrets
held by its distinct origins.

Unspoiled flavours make us the partner of choice for the
world’s best craft makers, (r)etailers and brands.

taste the rare

100% Regenerative

The biggest issues created by the Big Candy industrial complex are the impact on the environment and climate, and the people who grow it (not to mention the health impact brought on by the mass consumption of products that are full of sugar and salt).

But let’s face it. Talking about the climate, health and the precarious situations of farmers can be a bit of a downer, especially when compared to the ‘fun’ Big Candy sells to consumers. Rather than fun or serious, we like to keep it real. “Speak what’s true, eat what’s pure, and preserve what’s rare”, is our Credo.