Explore the Gelato Art of MIUZ in Amsterdam

August 31, 2023

I wander through the picturesque streets of Amsterdam in search of a truly special gelateria. Amidst the brick houses, I come across a sign that reads "Miuz". Here, delightful creations are conjured from our Original Beans chocolate. I spot a large window and can already see the sunlit interior from outside. Upon entering, I see Carlo. He warmly welcomes me with a broad smile, immediately making me feel at ease. The atmosphere is inspiring, and it's evident that special creative minds are at work here.

The wall is adorned with an array of flavours I've never encountered before: from Nocciola to Tiramisu, even Burrata is part of the selection. What's the story behind them? Carlo will answer that question for me later. Before we step into the laboratory together, I hear two employees joking and laughing. Carlo's establishment exudes an inviting atmosphere that extends into the laboratory. I wonder, "What's his secret to success?" Everyone here seems to carry an air of ease that rubs off on me directly. After getting to know the team, Carlo himself serves me a top-notch cappuccino — Italian hospitality par excellence.

Equipped with my camera, I roam through the store and discover a variety of charming details. Then, it's time for the interview with the heart and soul behind the gelato creations. Carlo bubbles with stories carried by the warmth of his passion. I realize that so much more than just the end product lies behind his business. It's about lovingly crafting flavour profiles, collaborating with local farmers, and continually surprising his clientele each day. A wonderful approach, I must say.

We say goodbye, and I revel in a fantastic day of delectable discoveries and the realization that Carlo seamlessly blends the best of two worlds: Italian gelato art and the finest chocolate — MIUZ and Original Beans.

Esmeraldas Coast, Ecuador.
Silky notes of caramel and salt float through this chocolate from rare Arriba cacao like a cloud forest’s mist where tree frogs bask.

  • Vegan

  • Climate +

  • Fair +

  • Zero Waste