Original Beans tops Scorecard

March, 2023

Ranked #1 Most Sustainable

We think of our chocolate as one of the world’s finest. Now, we are also ranked as the top sustainability leader and awarded the “Good Egg” by the international Chocolate Scorecard.

The Chocolate Scorecard
 was founded by Be Slavery Free, Mighty Earth and VOICE network to rank social and environmental practices of international chocolate makers.

This year, we are participating for the first time. And right out of the gate, Original Beans is the only company with six green eggs in all six Scorecard categories: Traceability & Transparency, Living Income, Child & Forced Labor, Deforestation & Climate, Agroforestry, Agrichemical Management. The Good Egg award acknowledges our “regenerative approach to growing and making chocolate.” Yay!

Here are some scores in comparison: Original Beans, Ben & Jerrys, Tonys, Ritter, Lindt, Callebaut, and Valrhona.

March, 2023

Flavours of red berries and pecan shine as bright as Peru’s coast and butterflies in this chocolate produced from the ultra rare Blanco cacao varietal.

Nearly extinct when our Bean Team discovered it, Piura’s white “Blanco” has become a celebrated cacao. Your purchase of the bright Piura 75% promises an even brighter future for Peru’s rare beans and butterflies.

  • Pure Taste

  • Climate +

  • Fair +

  • Compostable