Invest in Climate Forests

November, 2022

Is your money making a difference to the climate crisis? Or is there a better way? If you travel, you are probably familiar with carbon offsets. It is the money you pay to a company to offset the greenhouse gas emissions you are generating with your journey. While offsets have a role, the bottom line is clear: greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced now, not in the future, near or far. We need onsets instead.

Instead of simply neutralising emissions, why not double or triple the reductions in order to work down the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere instead? That is what we call climate-positive and all Original Beans products are contributing in this way. More than that, at Original Beans we have developed two old- growth Climate Forests projects and are offering their onsets to you, our customers and partners.

Old forests absorb up to three times more carbon than new plantings. And since Original Beans cacao purchases provide secure incomes to our cacao growers, they make sure to protect the surrounding rainforests as pristine, carbon saving “Climate Forests”.
Climate Forests “from (Cacao) Origins”

The mainstream CO2 market makes it too expensive for high impact, small-scale projects to go to market.

That’s why we have decided to offer direct forest protection agreements with the farmers which are independently audited. Currently, Original Beans has established two Climate Forests, one with the cacao farmers in Esmeraldas, Ecuador, and one with farmers in Piura, Peru.

Take for instance Vandebron energy, a trail-blazing young energy company based in the Netherlands. As the company’s name, “from origin”, suggests, Vandebron sources energy from small, local energy providers and sells it in a 100% traceable, green energy subscription. Household customers who still emit carbon by say, cooking with gas, are offered to offset those emissions from a 100% traceable, green certificate source: Original Beans’ Climate Forest in the Esmeraldas, Ecuador.

November, 2022

Flowers, tropical fruits and nuts in this Nacional cacao balance gently like the tree-hanging sloths under the canopy of Ecuador’s last cloud forest.

The daily mists and rains rising up from the Pacific to the Esmeraldas cacao forests cannot unsettle a sloth whose thickish fur grows upwards for the perfect water run-off. Your purchase of Esmeraldas 65% helps protect Ecuador’s last cloud forest and the sloth’s gentle way of life.

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