Bon Bon Café Intense

By Ian Matthew Baker

This intriguing recipe is the artwork of the pastry chef Ian Baker. With its dreamy combination of chocolate and coffee, it makes sure that your tastebuds will explode with Bon Bon's dipped in sweet surrender. 
  • Prep Time:

    50 Minutes

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Cafe-Muscovado Crumble
  • 100g light muscovado Sugar
  • 80g Butter 
  • 90g plain Flour
  • 15g finely ground Andraschko Colombia Coffee Beans
  • 3g maldon sea Salt
Coffee Ganache
  • Natural Black Cacao Butter
  • Milk Chocolate Spray Mix:    
     ・200g Cacao Butter


Cafe-Muscovado Crumble
  1. Mix everything together to make a crumble.
  2. Rest in the fridge for at least 1 hour.
  3. Bake at 1800°C  until golden Brown.
  4. When the crumble is completely cold, coat in a few Spoons of Tempered Cocoa Butter.
Café Ganache
  1. Mix Andraschko Colombia Coffee Beans and UHT Cream together, bring to boil and steep for 48 Hours.
  2. Strain and re-weigh, top up with fresh cream if needed.
  3. Add Trimoline / Creme de Sucre, Glucose syrup, Sorbitol Powder and heat together with the Cafe Cream to 40°C 
  4. Add Original Beans Virunga 70% , Original Beans Esmeraldas Milk 42% Couverture, Cacao Butter, Anhydrous Butter and Maldon Sea Salt and heat together to 40°C 
  5. Together with the cream mix, emulsify to a smooth glossy Ganache.
  6. 31°C  Filling temperature.
  1. Melt both Cocoa Butters at 450°C  for at least 12 Hours.
  2. Temper both Cocoa Butters at 310°C.
  3. Make a sprinkle design in the Moulds with the Black Cacao Butter using an Airbrush.
  4. Spray the Milk Chocolate Cacao Butter evenly and thinly into the Forms.
  5. Temper Simply DARK Couverture and use this to shell the Forms.
  6. Allow the Forms to Crystalize at 12-150°C.
  7. Place a Small amount of the Café-Muscovado Crumble into each Half Sphere and then fill with the Cafe Ganache.
  8. Allow the Bon Bons to Crystalize for a Minimum of 3 Hours at 12-150°C.
  9. Cap the Bon Bons and Chill for 10 Minutes at 50°C.
  10. De-mould the Bon Bons and store them in an Airtight container at 12-150°C & 50% humidity for up to 6 Weeks.

Chef Ian Matthew Baker

"I use Original Beans because it's a brand who respects not only its product but also the people behind it."
Ian is an English born Pâtissier an d Chocolatier and freelance consultant with over 23 years experience in the industry.

Munich has been Ian's home since 2007 where he teaches and develops his works with patisseries and chocolate related projects. In 2015 he was named Germany's Pâtissier of the Year.