Plant Trees (in the Right Way)

April, 2022

Researchers estimate that more than 800 million hectares worldwide are available to grow as many as a trillion additional trees.

“In terms of carbon capture, you get by far your biggest bang for your buck in the tropics, but every one of us can get involved”, says Thomas Crowther, one of the researchers. And we are getting involved. Planting projects have become popular with national governments, wealthy individuals and major corporations. These efforts raise crucial questions. What sorts of trees should we plant? And where? On whose land? To what end?
Nowadays It Seems Like Tree Planting Initiatives ... Grow on Trees.

That’s not a bad thing, of course. But you can understand how it makes communicating about our very effective, decade-old, core-to-our-business tree planting programme a bit tricky.

One Bar: One Tree (OBOT, the very first tree program of its kind) was never about marketing or ticking a box. It was never just about trees either.
We have never outsourced tree planting and forest protection to third parties. From the beginning, our goal was to connect chocolate lovers and cacao growers in such a way that both sides emerge stronger.

Founded in 2010, OBOT is key to our mission to regenerate what we consume. To date we have grown more than three million trees. OBOT helps protect endangered species, cool the climate and improve the livelihoods of the growers we work with. Whoever breaks off a piece of Original Beans chocolate not only enjoys the rarest cacao beans on earth in its purest form, but also plants or protects a tree with the cacao growers and thereby changes something for real!

April, 2022

Flavours of red berries and pecan shine as bright as Peru’s coast and butterflies in this chocolate produced from the ultra rare Blanco cacao varietal.

Nearly extinct when our Bean Team discovered it, Piura’s white “Blanco” has become a celebrated cacao. Your purchase of the bright Piura 75% promises an even brighter future for Peru’s rare beans and butterflies.

  • Pure Taste

  • Climate +

  • Fair +

  • Compostable