Gentlemen’s Smoked

Whiskey Bonbons

by Ian Matthew Baker

These chocolaty and boozy bonbons make the tastebuds sing. With smoke and rich dark chocolate stout flavours they are the best of both worlds. These bonbons are a delicious treat for anyone who loves chocolate with a twist of smokiness.
  • Prep Time:

    90 minutes

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  1. Mix 150ml cream, 120g sugar, 50g glucose, 60g butter and 4g salt together. Bring to a heat on stove.
  2. Caramelize the sugar.
  3. Cook everything together to 110⁰C.
  4. At 80⁰C, emulsify 15ml whiskey into 20g Original Beans Esmeraldas 42% chocolate.
  5. Add the caramel to a container, cover tightly and smoke with neutral wood chips for at least 3 hours.
  1. Mix and heat 77ml cream, 77ml Glucose Syrup and 9.7g Creme de Sucre together to 40⁰C.
  2. Heat 145g Original Beans Esmeraldas 42% and 68g Beni Wild 66% chocolate and butter to 40⁰C.
  3. Emulsify everything together into a smooth ganache.
  4. Filling temperature should be 28-30⁰C.
  5. Cyrstalize for 24 hours at 15⁰C.
  6. Close the bonbons and cool briefly at 8⁰C before removing them from the moulds.

Chef Ian Matthew Baker

"One thing that has always been a big part of my education and career is "respect for ingredients''. This is one of the main reasons I use Original Beans, a brand who respects not only its product but also the people behind it. Tending plantations, farmers and creators of some of the finest chocolate in the world."
Ian is an English born Pâtissier an d Chocolatier and freelance consultant with over 23 years experience in the industry.

Ian graduated from the world famous Westminster College in London.  He started out as a young pastry chef at the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel in London.  This was the starting point  for his gastronomic journeys, from America to France, Asia, back to London and then to Munich where he worked with some of the best names and places in the business.

Munich has been Ian's home since 2007 where he teaches and develops his works with patisseries and chocolate related projects.  In 2015 he was named Germany's Pâtissier of the Year.